Importance of IT in Startups

23 Jan 2013

outsourcing-processesIn many ways, the quality of products and services has improved massively as a result of IT, while the huge technological and cultural shift computers have created a wealth of new commercial opportunities. Primary focus remains on the technologies themselves and in some cases the strategy can be implied from the organization's behaviors towards technology decisions. The core functions should be how the organization's customers and employees can take advantages of technologies in ways that create value for the organization and facilitate outcomes.

Starting up with IT

Startups must procure simple, straightforward IT services that should fit the budget and form a solid foundation for growth. An entrepreneur should know what systems and software is in common use today. Start-ups need to invest in IT (both hardware and software) that can grow with their business and not limit its development. However, most small firms don’t require highly sophisticated or expensive IT. Basic IT features that an organization should incorporate into their system to maintain the process flow of business and increase productivity may consist of,

  • Computer system with internet/broadband facilities.
  • Website development which will act as an interface between the company and customers.
  • Email handling facility to increase the delivery and communication processes.
  • Basic software and services like MS Office tools.
  • Invoicing, Billing and Track timing.
  • VOIP.
  • Security Backup.


Scaling up with IT

Integrating technology-related decisions with the company's strategies and operating plans should be the primary focus while scaling up. Key issues to successful initiatives must also include the ability of the team and its environment to deal with changes, promote ownership, build human capacity, and make decisions. Business owners have to manage costs more effectively and find innovative ways to operate. Innovation and experimentation are key enablers for any business. IT makes everyday business management and admin tasks simpler and quicker ranging from communication through marketing and selling to keeping accounts.

Scaling up Tool Box:

  • Analytics to measure real time informatics, funnel tracking and period.
  • Live chat and Helpdesk for customer support.
  • Customer conversion tracking.
  • Managing receipts for accounting.
  • Cloud computing and networking.
  • System Monitoring.


Optimization with IT

Organizations should try to revolutionize themselves into business-focused operations keen on delivering the best value for the lowest cost. Today, Information Technology systems are prevalent in businesses of all stature. The key to gain competitive advantage is not the possessing of Information Technology, but how well you exploit it. A solid Information Technology Optimization solution may include hardware, software and services, depending upon organizations specific needs.


Technology strategy is the comprehensive planning process which consists of objectives, principles and tactics related to implementation of the technologies within a particular organization. Business technology optimization is basically pulling Information technology back into the business and making sure that it is serving the business precisely. It can include activities like,

  • Search engine optimization.
  • Functionalities.
  • Usability and user interface.
  • Content management.
  • Graphics and design.
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