Managing Human Resources

23 Jan 2013

hr everydayHuman resources planning bridges the gap between human resources management and the overall strategic plan of an organization. Managing human resources is one of the biggest challenges for any start-up organization. Working for a startup can be fun but only if the employees are excited or passionate about what the startup does or the industry in which the company operates. Human resource development deals with encouraging employees so that they can determine ways in which they want to improve their careers and other aspects of their working lives. HR policies and practices can also act as effective competitive strategies for an organization as it pinpoints people’s needs.


Policies and Practices

Human Resource Policies are systemic decisions that are established by an organization to support administrative functions, performance management, employee relations and resource planning. HR policies increase the transparency between the organization and its employees by communicating the expectation messages to the employees.

  • Manpower Planning
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Compensation Structure
  • Leave Policy
  • Induction and Placement
  • Coordination
  • Employees Issues
  • HR Audit
  • Training and Motivation
  • Performance appraisal
  • Labor welfare

HR principles and practices that can be applied to an organization should include the following characteristics.

  • Safe, Healthy & Happy Workplace
  • Performance Linked Bonuses
  • 360-Degree Performance Management Feedback System
  • Fair Evaluation System for Employees
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Open House Brainstorming & Feedback Mechanisms
  • Reward Ceremonies

Recruitment for Startups

The entire process of searching, screening, shortlisting and selecting a person for a job is known as recruitment. Recruitment provides different opportunities to procure human resource and also forecasts the future requirement of the organization in terms of people. Organizations should always look for creating the right mix of employees within the organization from the very first day. Organizations requiring external recruitment or head-hunting firms are now employing "talent acquisition" specialists whose job it is to identify, approach and recruit top performing teams from competitors or similar type of organization. This role is a highly specialized role carrying a greater visibility and strategic importance to a business. 

Possible methods of recruitment include:

  1. 1.Internal recruitment.
  2. 2.Job agencies.
  3. 3.Newspapers advertisements.
  4. 4.E-recruitment.
  5. 5.Employee referrals.
  6. 6.Campus placements.

Recruitment process generally fulfills the opportunity of restructuring and reassessing the requirements of the job. The process should ideally follow the tasks mentioned below:

  • Job specification: Detailing of the basic tasks and responsibilities of the job explaining the purpose, scope and importance of the job.
  • Person specification: Person specification allows the organization to figure out the ideal person with specific skillset aligned with the job. Specification can include age, experience, skills, education, training etc.
  • After setting the job and the person specifications, consideration should be given to pay rates. Factors such as experience, scales, and negotiated agreements, as well as market rates and skills should also be taken under consideration to fix salary and wages.


Retention of Startup Team

Employees are the lifeline of an organization and contribute effectively to its successful progress and profit generation. An organization can’t survive if the employees are not serious about it and are more concerned about their personal interests. Ensuring that the new hire is also driven with the excitement of the startup and they should clearly understand the work environment and work culture before they accept the offer. It is absolutely crucial to clarify the potential employees about the challenges and practicalities of working in startup organizations.

Employee retention refers to the various HR policies and practices which let the employees stick to an organization for a longer period of time. Every organization invests time and money to nurture a new hire and bring him at par with the existing employees. The organization is completely at loss when the new employees leave their job once they are fully trained. Employee retention takes into account the various measures taken so that an individual stays in an organization for the maximum period of time and add value to the organization. Employee retention techniques go a long way in motivating the employees for them to enjoy their work and also refer to the ability of an organization to retain its employees.

General reasons for leaving the organization:

  • Job mismatch.
  • Lack of growth.
  • Low salary.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Relationship with bosses and colleagues.

Ways to retain employees:

  • Offering competitive benefits package, including health and life insurance.
  • Give employees a clear path of advancement.
  • Provide financial benefits such as raises, bonuses and performance based perks to the employees.
  • Contests and incentives to help keep workers motivated and feeling rewarded.
  • Hiring a human-resources manager if strength of employees is increasing.
  • Stimulating employee development.
  • Open communication between employees and management of the organization.
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